Sunday, March 28, 2010

entropy of zero

that pretty much rings true for all club photography for me. i find it far too tedious to do often and i guess that's why shooting disco-disco once a month works out so well. sure, all things considered it' was one of the the last places i wanted to be last night, or every other night, and yesterday was pretty much no different, however- they did have bubbles..

it's crazy that the days us letting loose to the likes of dank morass, white rhino and the fellows they brought out for the 10 of us to enjoy amongst the cosy surrounds of down-stairs step-inn have evolved into a full blown club scene! at the time i could never imagine it bridging that gap

as a whole i don't like this (except it makes shooting a tad more pleasant), mainly because i loved the community and the atmosphere of these shows as much, if not more than i did the actual music. i think the greatness came from everyones desire to listen and groove, not to be douchebags- which is something that will never happen with these big venus.

ahhhh, rant complete.

so first up are some dd shots
second up some shots from a white rhino show last year

(i'd lost these photos but found them again this week yay!)
i'd love to post shots from way back when but unfortunately i wasn't into photography back then..

megan cullen
was though
and she captured the shit out of these nights with a skill i'm yet to find a photog that rivals, her blog is one of the most worth looking at.
(it's by her doing that i got into photograhy/living properly, thankyou)



bw face man

25 stevie

these ones below are from 2562's show at a pub on leichardt street in October last year, thanks to the white rhino boys. this night was pain-ridge express as i was far to beveraged to operate a camera and a manual fisheye
(if i'd had anything less wide, probably none of these would've come out)

sam nod



sammy props


yay! this took way too long to compose