Saturday, March 6, 2010


YEAH! it sucks, i don't know what it's from but i'm pretty sure i can put it down to not having a lens for my camera as everything else in my life is pretty peach-tastic, relying on people to borrow gear off is a major frown bringer and it forces me to shoot in lighting and places that i usually wouldn't. the kinda places and things i'd normally take my time with and make sure i get it right, it's like i've got this need to shoot as much as i can to keep myself and the pages of this thing busy in the times of lenslessness.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more keen now than when i first got my camera just under a year ago and i'm really happy with where I'm at. Infact i'm surprised i've even come this far, not only in duration (i'm a chronic hobbyist that can't stick to one thing) but also in my style/skill and how lucky i get with my shots. Maybe i'm just being a shit load more self critical in my shots lately, but that can't be a bad thing.

These shots below are from a pretty cool place i stumbled across a while ago and a week ago i had an hour (i'd probably need a day to do this place justice haha) spare to go in and scope the place (busyness will be the death of me). It's interesting in there, very scary and potentially hobo-ridden but there are definitely some amazing things to be caught.. once again, shooting this kind of stuff in the middle of the day didn't do it any justice and it was a run-shoot-run kind of affair. So i'm super duper keen to spend a whole day there and work some decent lighting. also, it was so freaking hot my camera had more sweat on it than it did plastic and was a bit worrying that, i'd lose that i'd lose gear to sweat again (r.i.p flash) thankfully this day included a swim at home and a visit to ruby, she's the biggest (fattest?) thing i miss since i moved out.

so expect some more from this place, hopefully soon, but at a date i have no idea of.. i'm thinking i should bite the credit card bullet and go and buy me some freaking camera gear.. my camera gear has ironically gotten shitter since i started :/

i find pets insanely fun to shoot, trying to portray an animals personality is one of the most enjoyable things i've tried to capture and more often than not i completely miss the mark


bw door


rubess! 2

rubess! 3