Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i've come to a conclusion

basically: screw getting a new camera. I've been laboring tirelessly over whether to purchase a new camera over the last month and only today i realised that there's no real point. Sure i'm stuck to a pretty limited run of lenses (inbuilt motor only) but to be honest, it's not like i'm good enough to need a print-worthy rig or lens (although i want an ultra wide more than i do a roof over my head) and the few jobs i hold could be done just as well with a point-and-shoot. the crazy thing? after a little over a year my camera gear has gotten worse, i've gone from the point of being able to take perfectly fine photos with the d60 and kit 18-55 to not being able to shoot anything i want to.

The closest i've come to having a new lens was one which i broke and had to replace- last weekend i broke my flash, express to Tears Town stopping only and Frownvale and fuck. but i'm pretty happy with myself, being able to smile after loosing one of the only material possesion i truely care about, came as a bit of a shock.. i did have a wingman, wingwoman and Last Blade 2 to keep me sane last weekend and that mix was all i needed.

recently i've been lucky enough to have a play with the d80 and a 50 1.8 (which unfortunately won't work on mine, maybe i'll splurge on the 50 1.4 or the 35 1.8 with inbuilt motors- but somehow i doubt either of these will be mine anytime soon) and it was good, fast and easy- but when it all boils down, most of you (me included) don't even have a screen good enough to split the 80 and the 60... so i'm going back to the d60, back the kit and pop-up, back to perma smiles and being able to shoot whenever i want... although i loathe pop-up flashes like i do opening a leffe and breaking the neck.

so i think i'll be picking up a new lens tomorrow for an epic $144 and then i need to get my flash fixed or a new one and then next stop, Smile Ridge.

the decision clenching photo, even with a fancy camera- i still can't focus well.

james out of focus

tom smyle

teepee chilling

The Last Blade 2
Responsible for glory and tendinitis