Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fretting.. and not in the funky bars of riffy goodness way

for some reason last night, and the last few nights.. i've been stressing over what to put on here and why i should put it on here and what i should write about and blah blah more question words starting with w blah blah blah. and then today, at work (working) i realised that i'm totally off the track here and for no real reason.

sure! i love props from friends and strangers alike (< 3), but the real reason i have this blog is so i don't end up deleting everything i take through un-organised folder rage (i've got a flickr, but flickr is like myspace in grade 7 and i'll never be as cool and befriended as that other guy). i guess you could say that it's a way of expressing myself, but i feel interpretive dancing to the radar channel is a much better way of going about it (you can work the beats and the synopsees!)

so that's that, i'm definitly feeling a big post tonight but this is now and that is later so who really knows?

so here's two shots from two different days from two different rolls at two different places, bothof which i enjoy...
plus one........

much love yo faw reallll


steve at the spit

one way cliff

in-case you were wondering/scared/horny, this is not spelling an end to my digital passion or finally the time i start uploading prints (i got these three rolls scanned! it was a major waste of money) but the reason that these two, and many uploads to come will be emulsified, is because a very kind pal (with a epic blog about the best kind of nothing) lent me an old camera and it's the only thing i own that works.