Tuesday, March 30, 2010

death be nigh

i seemingly entered a time warp last night. it wasn't until 3:30 that i realised it was 3:30 and i had to work in 4 hours. I think the last two days have been a potential p.b. in terms of total photos i've had to go through- but thankfully all of the weekends stuff should be wrapped up by tonight and i will hopefully get the chance to go back to the dino jr. trip!

i also recently found a folder from a white rhino show a while back but it was a very touch and go sort of affair so i'll have to have a good look to see if there is anymore glory amongst the bunch- unfortunately not all the photos from that night could be restored :\ on the note of rediscovery, i was reminded (thanks for
this blog) of a walk through roma street i did with a friend a while ago- i shot it mostly on 64t but the digital folder may be worth a peruse nonetheless.

chocolate egg holiday times are upon us an i'm already starting to salivate- has anyone seen thsoe $15 kinder suprises!!? they must have small animals or pocket samplers (fingers crossed) waiting to be kindered. but easter also means free beach accomodation thanks to the fam! so hopefully i'll fulfill my overwhelming need for waves and chocolate in one fell swoop, all the while reaping the benefits of milking off the parents, a rareity these days- however they did just buy us a new fridge, yay!

somehow i don't think the waves will co-operate as much as i'd like- as what i'd like would be another day like this (but with the glory reefs of the sunnycoast to do the breaking on)

lackey snapper prone shack