Tuesday, April 6, 2010

shralp that gnargnar

i got back from the coast (a few hours ago) but only just came home and i felt it necessary to pass on some quick snippets of the smile-inducing 2 day beach holiday i just had.

It was grand, in short- in long? all i can really say is: ledges were fought- barrels were obtained..

on the non-wave side of things, it was also pretty grand- i've had my chocolate fix for the next few years. 'how' might be something you may be thinking right now? and to those who are- this is how.. i was tasked with the job of being mr. rabbit and hiding eggs for the wee ones from families involved in said getaway. The greed and hunting efforts of those feeble minded youth were no match for my hiding prowess and keen trickery- although, i had to wait until they were in bed to reap my alfoil-wrapped chocolaty rewards.

i also went up to an old place of interest i frequented during my sunshine coast based youth- a waterfall. i got photos from here too.

i also just want to point out, my life (or their's) is so full of synchonicities i feel that i'm being lived through random people i have both me and have no idea who they are, but it's not just me- a very close friend of mine is also scoring these daily.

sorry about this post, it doesn't even make sense too me... being out of the game for two days has made me EXTRA lame.. hopefully these three shots will make up for it- the rest? maybe tomorrow, or never.. who really knows?

platties won

wall and falls

shitty ridge

p.s. if you don't check out this site you deserve a premature death