Monday, April 12, 2010

utilizing the shit out of today

that's right! today i've been getting shit done since 11am.. Unfortunately i'm very lethargic as my body refused to sleep until 4am, as it was seemingly unwilling to let go of the greatness of the mountain goats last night.

so i'm trying to get through as many photes as i can this arvo as I've got a dance party to attend to, Japanese Eurobeat and all.. but i should have the house party ones done soon.

if you know me you'd know i love milk, if you don't know me- you probably might know i love milk.. but to those of you who do and don't know me or about my love for milk, here's a photo testament to my love of milk and all things milk related.. infact i could live happily under the umbrellas of dairy products until i died or until i develop an inability to metabolize lactose.

milk in all its white lighten glory