Saturday, April 17, 2010

a-dog hick-lang

a-dog hick-lang (commonly refereed to by her nickname annie) has recently started a blog for her photos! i dare say that this will be a blog of greatness through fun times and fully sick photos. p.s. she's crazy- and i'll do my best at discribing her through photos (below)

don't be fooled into thinking she's new to the blog game, oh no, shes also got a distraction blog which has been arouind for a while and contains some pretty shweet shtuff. anniehoo, the photo blog is here so probably keep eyes posted..

now, just a quick warning, this may come across as very creepy- mainly because some people consider me very creepy.. but creep factor aside- here are some shots i've taken of her over the last few months at parties and such, hopefully this'll give you an idea of how strange she is and how sick this new blog will be..

17 clickity clockity

yo la tengo


little red riding hood

school red bat