Friday, April 23, 2010


weekend time yus!! i'd like to post heaps and catch up with the last week.. but i doubt that'll happen this weekend as- a) im very busy b) this post below is from shots on monday :/ it's been hard sitting on them for so long as i was pretty excited to see how they came up.. on Monday i went for waves/errands on the g.c. with old mate Steve and on the way inland i drove past pizzey park ..

i hadn't been there in about 8 years so i was pretty curious to see if the (back then) 25ft bowl was still there- it is! except it's only 11 foot now.. anyway, after triple back nineing my way to bowl town glory, a few chaps rocked up on bmx's and i was instantly keen to shoot them as i've been creeping this fellow called Drew Raison and he takes badasssss bike shots! He makes it look so fun and technical that i've been drooling while dwelling on the idea of shooting bikes for quite some time.

Luckily these guys shreded as it let me score splenty of snaps before we had to make tracks back to Brisbane- even though it was a very small taste of what shooting bikes has to offer (the first half was rough!i had no idea of what they were doing/where they would do said doing) but (apart from the bum shots/motion blurs) i'm super happy with how the whole affair went down with the kit 200/5.6 (that thing has pretty epic bokeh in my opinion for what it is) i got heaps of shots from that day's travels- they'll be up later!

merry long weekend

(bar two)

mitch close up

old m,ates


mitch bw



mitch spinny wheel thing


bum shot

bike motion blur

bw  high

3rd guy

spine and wheel

mitch scratch