Friday, April 9, 2010

shades of grey induced mind pain and the g-train

firstly: the title's two aspects don't relate to each other.

secondly: i don't think i would ever get bored ranting about my boss and seen as i've got a photo of her that i wanted to throw on here i thought i'd embrace the opportunity and rant some more!

thirdly: my boss is not the main subject of this post, that will come later

fourthly: i don't really know what to rant about re gail so here's a link to her site (not sure about the merit of her site though... i found, under the achievements tab "
Encyclopaedia Britannica International ‘Man of the Year’ Award UK 1971"), i took the shot below for Telstra as she's a recipient of the Telstra Business Woman of The Year award and they need a head-shot (i'm so fkn happy with this, i intercepted on her way to the physio and ended up shooting it where she was standing- turns out kayaks make for good reflectors...) But i thought in a blatant bid for more emotion i'd run it in black and white, i hope it worked...

and there it is, the second/main part of this post

fiffely: black and white photones are fantastic, possibly the most fantastic- but i hate it's overuse with digital as digital b+w lacks a lot of the feel you score with film, sure shooting film i have to shoot 36 in a row- but shooting 35mm goes hand in hand with shades-of-grey as they both produced a similar feeling by themselves. but not saying digital on b+w is bad, infect- i think i prefer it! i love being able to see a shot that I'd like in b+w and just snap it, instead of carrying around another body/swapping film (do people do that? i can't see why, not- if you've got the time)

sixely: my phones are wearing in nicely and I'm guessing they should be at their 100% greatness by the end of the weekend, although i'm going to be veryvery busy!!

seventhly: I've got a house party in which a very, very very good friend - james wright (to whom i owe so much i couldn't repay with my own life or less than a million dollars- i heard you can sell your body for a million dollars to science... or prostitution- p.s.his blog is here p.p.s James, if you're reading this- you need to post more) and I'm working on Sunday before, what is most probably going to be the best gig of the tens. the mountain goats squeeeeeeeel. i saw the mountain goats in 08 when they came to aus, but unfortunately (or fortunately!!) Sir. John Darniele had pnuemonia (i think) and could only sing for the first 30 mins, luckily for us old mate, Mr.peter hughes took up the reigns for a further 30 minutes and then, wrapped up by, the vocals of zoo patrons. At the end of the show we were told that they'd be back- to play their best show ever! and i believe him..

eighthly: so on Sunday/maybe Monday- or later! i'll have some shots and words regarding the whole affair.

ninethly: i like this photo, it ticks 3 boxes: my boss rant, my shades of grey rant and it gave me a reason to give in to my need to exercise my fingers and vocabulary.

P.S this blog will return to color soon, my current fetish is sure to abstain.

gail m. austen OAM