Tuesday, April 27, 2010


zzziiaiackktettt exactly.. That's what my computer said to me on sunday night moments before ceasing to be a computer and becoming merely a memory of my number one assistant (sorry tom)...
in better news, i'm scoring some love regarding a new computer which will provide me with the lifeliving-glory shoes previously filled by old mate. It's a pretty bad time for this whole affair to come about, i shot bluejuice/trailer trash/a 21st- all the while snapping in between said events. that's summounted to many photos and a somewhat rising/bubbing stress (just one).

but it's no big loss, i've got a key to an office that will help me do said deeds and my monday (which was fantastic) certainly made up for any iotas of pain.

below is a shot of a mountain i scaled yesterday and hopefully got some photos (this shot was from around xmas time- may have uploaded it already but don't have time to search through my blog to find out)

balcony 1