Friday, April 16, 2010

it's no coincidence that free wine rhymes with smile time..

i'm also eating alfredo- a personal favourite of mine.. except right now, i liken myself not to myself- but to a self contained farmer, living off his hard work.. indulging in the fruits of his labour.. you see, i pruned the vines that bore the grapes that provide the deliciousness of this wine and poured into the glass that sits between you and me, i bought the alfredo pasta mix that formed the base of my alfredo..

yet, even with free wine and $2 dinners- I'm still to poor to pick-up my broken flash from the repair man ($200!, i could've bought a new one for 60 more bungers)

i've finished my goats photos, definitely not my best work- or anywhere near but it was still epic an epic show and i don't care about the photos, i want to rant about them and i don't have the time now, so expect that one down the road!

so here's some shots from today's travels!
(excluding the combies, cloud and the bogan version of big foot, they were at work yesterday)


willow's foot

rainy day

crazy clouds


now, is it just me- or does this photo remind you of the bigfoot photo!? assuming he was a dirty bogan roaming the streets in the wee hours of the morning, bundy in hand

big mullet