Monday, April 12, 2010

Wanderers and Vagabonds

okydoky, so i mentioned a while ago about a fellow by the name of Myles and his blog, eye-saw. Well, recently he and a friend (matt) have set up this new company called Wanderers and Vagabonds, who- thanks to a very kind invitation from Myles- i'm lucky enough to be shooting for.

I'll still do discodisco's and whatnot but this company is different (thankgod) it rolls by me going to whatever, shooting whatever, uploading whatever- as long as i feel there's some glory in said watever's! the website isn't completely done yet but the facebook page is- so you'll find these and the ones i didn't put up on here, on there!

anywaysies, these shots are from a house party on saturday night- well it went from 5pm but i was late and arrived at 9. it was still fun and i'm pretty happy with some of these shots.

also, i'll rant about mountain goats tomorrow- but incase you were wondering- it was infact the greatest show i've ever been to.

speed lab

odourless plant food


shred attack

orange green and rad

speedlab bass attack

speedlab dummer

fish back

couch attack

shredy mc floor killers

james fishy

ballroom steez