Thursday, April 29, 2010

at the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady

i think that when i die, hopefully soon- i'll be re-incarnated as a cat, in the past, as a ship's cat. if i had a choice, i'd probably like to be around for duty in the WWI- preferably with the british.. apparently they had little cat hammocks...

so this is where i got interrupted about 8 hours ago while trying to compose this post at work
turns out my boss read it.. the worst bit is she said nothing, I'm not sure if she is confused or wether i should expect my obituary..
but trying to get back on track..

they slept in hammocks! and the good ones got stars, badges and fan mail. Old mate Pooli here was awarded three service ribbons and four battle stars at 15.. here she is showing she can get into her old uniform...

okay so clearly i won't ever get back onto the train of thought i was somehow maintaining at work because there is nothing that isn't hilarious about that cat in a uniform..

so lets just enjoy her greatness and thank the navy.

to be honest, the only reason i tried ranting about that cat is because the whole world needs to bask in Pooli's glory.. no wo/man will ever achieve such grandeur.

but to hopefully restore any semblance this blog may have once held as an outlet for some legitimacy, here's the stubs- brothers from the same mothers...

the stubs boys