Friday, May 20, 2011

apple turtoise

i really should start knuckling down for uni as i don't want a repeat of last time haha... I think tonight will be ideal for this activity because i'm now broke (car service cost me a noncasual $1200 which i don't have) but its worth it, touch wood.. 3 hours of uni and 2 hours of wig video should bring me back! Wig video being the haphazard compilation of unrelated clips i recorded (and didn't delete) over the last 40 weeks that i'm playing around with in order to put it together in the most hard to follow way, starting this idiotic project was a great idea but the timing is not so great....

i can also increase my ability to procrastinate with activities such as trying to get my scanner to work, look at any album from my 33 week back catalogue, browse cute animals or go for a shred but these are all things that I probably won't do until my assignments are due so maybe expect them then.

more shots down below of 2 beautiful lads, 1 beautiful lass and a fat man on a planefrom shot on the efke stuff i had (have* there is still one roll left), it seems like a nice film although i have no idea what it looks like fresh... It just sucks because now that my keeness to pay to make photos has returned, my bank account is letting me down (same situation for the last 2 years really.)