Monday, May 16, 2011

seek and find you shall


hhahah stoke! I spied a cool location this week, thanks to my car qualms (yeow!), so this afternoon a friend and I went out there to have a look around. It ended up being very, very, very awesome!!!! I got some shots that I like but I'd love to go back and take the time to get more shots and do the ones I didn't put enough care into properly.. We kept the visit relatively short for various reasons and decided to leave after we had 3 large horses gallop right up to us, which was scary up until they got close and stopped, I think they just wanted hugs but we bailed because they were kind of circling us.... guard horses? that's an intrigue.

anyway, gotta do bed now as uni is tomorrow and i want to get it done allllll day long! On a blog related note i started on my easter photos and got a roll back from the same trip so it could be a pretty entertaining post/rant. still have to organise a scanner :/




this is Wallaby Drive which is on the way out to Springbrook, a while ago i got tipped off to it's glory by a girl in a class on the goldy, she lives just off it and frothed so i figured if a non skater is frothing it must be froth worthy. I went there last wednesday, because i slept through the majority of my first lecture, and had 2 runs, about a 20 minute walk up the hill and a 5-8 minute descent.. I was so stoked after the second run that I couldn't function as a regular human so i wrote an almost illegible paragraph on the back of some cardboard to allow for a smooth recovery back to normality, even if it ment ignoring most things about the english language... "pretty stoked i opted for the avenue of physical stimulation and not digital! It was about 2 hours after deciding that physical stimulation was the treelined decision of choice that i find myself struggling both with too much stoke. The action of moving from my boot to this seat took me a few minutes as i had to redirect the energy that was stoking the fire in my eye to the suitable muscle groups i required to allow for an enjoyable appropriation of walking."


i've linked this song a few times before but i don't care. listen to it again.