Tuesday, May 17, 2011

im about to lose at not winning

today's been great! Thanks to a fun surf on sunday my stoke for waves has be reignited, i think i'd estimate the time i last got waves, prior to sunday, around 2months but in the last week i've surfed twice! and i'll probably get more waves tomorrow, uni on the GC has its perks...

So now i'm back! stoked to be keen on 2 board sports, yeeeow! I'm currently sitting on the toilet at work having a great time. I'm once again hooked on film (now that i can afford a few more creature comforts) and i've got a lot of rolls to get done, i picked up some film i dropped off last week that i got given a while ago and it's pretty nice... some of the film was destroyed due to whatever reason i don't understand and i used a broken lens so quite a few came out black/close to black and i'm a rookie. One is down below anyhoo.

hopefully post again tonight, i feel my blog is back! after a stint of tears and qualms my blog felt the affect but i'm once again becoming happy with how it looks.. i REALLY need a website though.