Sunday, May 15, 2011

it is what it is and it is very good


I've been having great times lately! Last night I had a great time with the two fellows in photographs below, today I had a great time at work, tonight I had a great time on the wheely board and tomorrow I'm going to have a great time on a boog, I will have a great time in the afternoon venturing with a glory lass and surely the evening will entail, maybe not so, great times scanning stuff. Yesterday I was faced with a few qualms, a broken car and a broken computer being the only qualms to be precise but it was fine. I finally forced myself to get some stuff developed, mainly to see if the body I bought in Vietnam was operational and the good news it that it works and the great news is that it works freaking well- I'll put the roll up on here tomorrow if i've got the time.