Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what did i do?!

aaafhhhfhfaaaarrrrrrrrrout. These holidays have been pretty silly in so many ways and now that it's over I'm in a total state of finedness without any real qualms about having to go back to uni.. mainly because my uni degree is a joke and the notion of spare time is so much more exciting (and rewarding) since I began this course and yes, I realise that 3 weeks ago I was on the brink of mind explosion to a roof spattering degree...

but regardless of all of this nonsense these I've been lucky enough to have scored a sick holiday and the final days (this weekend just passed) have been pretty spectacular too... these shots below are from after the post I shot and then a drive I took with a friend up to Mount Glorious, as the name suggest and the pictures may not, it was glorious (as will the first time i skate down it in the near future)





I'm about to start editing a video that Mitch and i filmed on monday arvo of us skating around bulimba, it could be pretty fun.

here is a frame grab from Mitch's camera.

toes frame grab shosode 6s