Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shredosode 6 - My new Hood

I made another skate vid woooo! It's shot entirely in my new hood, which i moved to recently due to me being broke and the parents not being broke/parental generosity and all in all it's been a sick move! from the skate perspective especially as i was getting pretty bored of New Farm but Bulimba is substantially better and more enjoyable!!!!!!! And for life its also sick because now i'm not broke and don't have to fret due general life qualms like bills and food.

anyway i shot this on a gopro and when mitch came we had two so we got some pretty funky angles, this is definitely the bottom benchmark for all shredosodes to come and id love to be bother to make them pretty with colours and filters but for now i dont care enough..

i hope you enjoy, if not the footage, the song