Friday, May 20, 2011

rocks flying out of the water as if they are in reverse

worked/stood around at the boat show this afternoon for an electric motor company from Germany. It was really interesting, these motors are insane! The most efficient boat engine on the market and probably the most efficient of all engines short of jet engines and NASA uppy things, 51% efficiency to be precise.... I had this ridiculously delicious Japanse rice dish called something with two words that they (dudes making said rice dish) sell from a trailer (also available at burleigh markets apparently) and it made my day, among with numerous other day making things! Another example being getting to use the brushes I bought for the dormant set of drums making use of the darkest corner of my basement, they sound like crap but they're quiet so it's nice...

I thought I'd drum along to music which proved to be not a great idea.. i think the reason being that my choices of bands were, in this order, Led Zeppelin (yes i know) Akron fam and then twin shadow. Needless to say all of these ideas were terrible so I ended up forgetting what I was listening to and just pewpewd random stuff and random times. I was supposed to do uni tonight, also a failed venture.

photos from today's boat show afternoon












this was the song I tried to play..

i can't even independently kick my legs ahah