Thursday, May 26, 2011

heightened state of glory


everything is sick! even with this overriding dark cloud of uni based tears I've managed to maintain extreme levels of stoke and froth for a while now. I've been enjoying every moment I've had with camera in hand which really is IDEAL!! For some reason blogger won't let me log out of goodtime's blogger account on my laptop so I haven't been able to post over the last few days as I've been involving myself with Gold Coast. I'm now back in Brisbane and have a desktop up here which is good but I also have no time. Sorry about all of the film shots I've uploaded being b+w but the 3 rolls I've done have all gone to disc whereas the colour went to print and I haven't had time to set up the scanner. I must do uni work so i've got to stop writing in a few more words.

theres some illford stuff down below that i used last week, it was super high iso for a shoot I did therefore silly amounts of grain, which was sometimes cool but also pretty overbearing, last shot is a great example of said cry.

I really like being around horses, they're so fun!

40710033 small

40710034 small

40710024 small

a nice song from a man that was probably nice but killed himself