Sunday, May 22, 2011

accepting rapture

I'm not sure if we're supposed to be dead yet so i decided that sticking to monotonous tasks like wasting an hour or two sitting in my basement indulging in various activities would be the best way to spend my last few hours before what is surely worldwide death...




got an assignment/shoot/sick time to do in the near future so i intrigued myself with a few flashes from BCH and quickly got bored of figuring out how to light a teddy bear. I should paint to opposite wall to this red one, green and the 3rd (yes it is a 3 walled basement of intrigue) silver or some other colour... Or three different colours that entice different emotions so that i could spin around in a circle and enter a heightened state of emotional wiggedness. I had to get my photoshop funk on in the bottom corners because they were occupied by shit that I didn't move.... it's strange to look at.. I need to teach myself how to get artificial, it seems like the natural progression to take now that i've began to deal in more film stuff, film for glory and digi for snory/potential future employment...


listen to this song, for your own good- this is written by a man that nows about good stuff and how to put good stuff into great sounds that form glorious songs